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To Wax or not to Wax: The Basics of Thread Conditioning

To Wax or not to Wax: The Basics of Thread Conditioning

I have always been a naked-stitcher (nope, that doesn't mean I stitch naked, ha! I bet that would make an interesting blog post!). It means I don't normally condition my thread before I cross stitch with it. 

But recently, a good friend of mine, Janice from Noteworthy Needle, turned me on to thread waxers for conditioning embroidery floss. (She makes lovely waxers, incidentally - shaped like all sort of interesting things from moustaches to lighthouses). 

Now, what is thread conditioning and do you need it?

Using a thread conditioner (ie. beeswax) to condition your floss before using it helps to prevent tangling and fraying, and makes it easier to pull through the fabric.

How do you use a thread waxer? Actually, it's very easy!

Step 1. Pull the thread between thumb and waxer two times (I pull it through one direction and then pull the thread the other direction to make sure I get the entire length)

Step 2. Pull the thread between thumb and finger to smooth and remove any excess wax. 

Watch our video tutorial below to see me try out a thread waxer for the first time (and make sure to watch to the end, because there are out takes, lol!)




Can you tell me how the bees wax is obtained please
Thank you

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