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How to Make an Oversize Cross Stitch Pillow

Here is a fun DIY option for showcasing your handiwork!


If you want to follow along with the cross stitch used in the tutorial, please purchase the vintage camera pattern from my website. 


This is an extra-large cross stitch design- and it’s made using a normal 14-count pattern. Here is the secret:


Using 14-count Aida cloth, x-stitch your design using 4 squares of Aida cloth for every square on the pattern. (see Fig. 1 below) This will double the size of the original piece, so make sure to cut enough aida cloth! This design is usually 3″ x 4″, but stitching it this way it ended up being 6″ x 8″.

Instead of the usual 2 strands of floss for x’s- use 6 strands embroidery floss. Yep, that’s the whole string, don’t pull it apart at all- just snip it off the skein and thread your needle!

For the backstitch, I used 3 strands instead of 1. And last, but not least: you will need an embroidery needle (something with a large eye) to be able to thread all 6 strands comfortably.

A quick note: this way of stitching uses A LOT of thread…about 6 times as much as a normal piece. So when you are buying floss colors, pick up at least 2 or 3 skeins per color. The amazing part is that this will work for ANY x-stitch pattern- you are only limited by your imagination!!


To make the pillow:

1. Cut a piece of fabric for the backing the same size as your aida cloth (I used small-wale black corduroy). 

2. Using a ½ inch seam, sew all the way around the pillow, leaving the a 3-4″ opening un-sewn.

3. Turn the pillow right side out and push out the corners. 

4. Stuff the pillow with polyester fill

5. Sew the opening shut by hand with a needle and thread.


Happy Stitching!

Cheryl @ Tiny Modernist