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How to finish a Scissor Case

This cross stitch tutorial will show you how to make a simple and beautiful keepsake cross stitch scissor case.

Want to make a matching set? Find the  Biscornu Finishing tutorial here or the Needlecase finishing tutorial here. 

Material List:

Your finished design (you can find the scissor case used in the tutorial here)

Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Floss (choose a color to match design)

Fabric Scissors 

Small button

Ok, let's get started! 

Step 1 - Complete all cross stitching and backstitching on the front of your scissor case.

Step 2 - If you are creating your own design, use the guide below to determine how to place your design and where to backstitch. The PINK lines indicate where your stitching should be. The GREEN lines are backstitching. The ORANGE lines are the cutting lines. This scissor case is 45 stitches by 45 stitches, and should fit little embroidery snips. 

Step 3 - Stitch the backstitching line on your stitched piece according to the chart, or using the image above. On a second piece of matching fabric, backstitch a line 2 squares smaller than the front piece (43w x 43h). You should now have 2 finished pieces of fabric: 1 outside piece, and 1 inside piece. The backstitching line around the outside of the design creates the sewing edge for assembly.

Step 2 - Trim the seam allowance around each piece, leaving approximately 3/8″ of fabric from the backstitched sewing line on all sides. 

Step 3 - Fold back the edges along the sewing line on all pieces, pressing down with your fingers.

Step 4 - Make a knot using 2 strands of floss the same color as your backstitching line. Start sewing the outside and inside pieces together using a whip-stitch. Do this by taking a stitch under one of the backstitched threads on the outside piece, then one on the inside piece, and so forth. Continue stitching until all 4 sides are stitched together.

Step 5 - Fold the bottom left and right edges together and stitch the edges together using a whip-stitch to form the pocket for your scissors.

Step 6 - Sew a small button onto the middle of the seam you just stitched.

Step 7: Make the thread tie for the flap. Cut 1 length of 6-strand embroidery thread 10″ long. Fold one length in half, so there is a loop on one side and 2 thread ends on the other. Thread the ends through a large needle.


Step 8 - Run the needle through all layers on the top corner of your scissor case. Pull the 2 ends through the loop and pull tightly.

Step 9 - Tie a knot in the ends of the thread to keep the two loose ends together.

You're done! Congratulations!