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How to Make Cording from Embroidery Floss - Without a Drill!

Adding cording is a fun and easy way to embellish your finished stitching, and it doesn't require any power tools to make! 

Here are a few ideas on how to use cording: 

  • Use it as a strap for a scissor fob
  • Glue or stitch it around the edges of a holiday ornament
  • Use it around the edges of a little stitched pillow
  • Turn a Biscornu into an ornament by adding a length of cording into the seam allowance as you stitch it up


~ 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC works)
~ Tape (masking tape or scotch tape is fine)
~ Pencil
~ Ruler
~ Scissors

1. Cut a length of embroidery floss that is at least 4 times the length you need plus a few extra inches (so if you need 8" of finished cording, cut 35" of floss) 

2. Fold the floss in half.

3. Tape the two cut ends to the edge of a table.

4. Insert the pencil into the looped end of the floss. (See image 1 above) 

5. Stand away from the table enough that the floss is taut (but not so tight that it pulls out of the tape on the table)

6. Place the pencil perpendicular against your palm, with the floss between your middle and ring fingers
(See image 2 above)

7. Begin to turn the pencil using the "Rotary phone" method. (Do you remember using a phone like that?). Basically, use your index finger to rotate the pencil quickly in a clock-wise direction, until the floss gets very twisted up.
It may take a few minutes. 

8. When the floss seems like it is ready to twist up, grab the middle of the cording, and release tension from the pencil (move your hand slowly towards the table). 

9. The cording should twist up on itself. You can help it by twisting or straightening it as needed until it looks like lovely cording. There will likely be a few inches at the taped end that doesn't coil properly. I snip this part off. 

10. You will want to secure the ends with tape if you don't use the cording right away, otherwise it tends to untwist at the ends.

11. You are now ready to use it in a project!