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How to Make a Cross Stitch Ornament

If you would like to follow along using the ornament featured in this tutorial, you can purchase the Bluebird Ornament PDF pattern here
Step 1 

Complete all stitching on the front (and back, if any) of the ornament.  both sides must be the same size (ie 59  by 59  stitches or 75 stitches by 75 stitches).


Step 2

Cut a second piece of aida exactly the same size as your stitched design. This will be the back of your ornament.


Step 3

Count 2-4 rows from all 4 edges of your finished piece, and backstitch a border around the design, using (1) strand of embroidery thread. Stitch the same backstitch border on the back piece of your ornament. This creates your sewing edge for assembling.


Step 4

Cut both pieces leaving approximately 1/2" of fabric from the backstitched sewing line and fold back the edges along the sewing line.

Press seam allowance down with your fingers on all edges along your backstitched lines. 



Step 5

Place pieces with wrong sides (insides) together (stitching on the outside), matching corners together and edges together. 

Make a knot using 2 strands of embroidery thread and start sewing the two pieces together using a whip-stitch (as you would when making a biscornu). Do this by taking a stitch under one of the backstitched threads on the front pieces, and then one on the back piece, and so on. You may wish to take a few extra stitches in the corners, to give it more stability (and it adds a decorative touch, too).


Step 6

Stop stitching when you are 3-4” from the starting point to leave a hole for stuffing. Stuff the ornament with Fiberfil, then finish stitching the final few inches, securing your thread with a hidden knot.


Step 7

Fold 12" of ribbon in half, and sew the 2 cut ends to one corner of ornament. (You could get very fancy, and tuck the ends into a corner before you stitch the edges. Then just stitch through ribbon as well as backstitch line to secure)  


Step 8

If desired, attach a tassel to bottom corner of ornament, with a stitch and a knot. Hide your knot as best you can. (learn how to make a tassel in this tutorial) 


That's it! You're finished! Now go have a cup of tea and enjoy your handiwork :)