How to Frame your own Cross Stitch



Option 1 - You can go to your local craft or needlework store and have your piece professionally framed. That is a beautiful, simple solution, and your cross stitch will look great. 

But, what about a way to get a beautifully framed cross stitch that is a fraction of the cost and also DIY (I mean, we love DIY, right?) 

Here is a nice, easy way to frame your own cross stitch piece. 


Step 1- Clean your finished piece (read more about that here)

Step 2- Find a frame that will fit your piece- the amount of space around the design it up to you, but choose a common frame size that allows for about 1" or more around your work. (I try for 5" x 7", 8" x 10" usually, and don't use a matte most of the time- or if the matte is the right size to use, that's perfect!).

Step 3- Remove the glass and any cardboard/stock photo paper that is inside the frame.

Step 4- Place your finished piece right-side-up on a clean white towel.

Step 5- Lay the glass from the frame on top.

Step 6- Center the frame glass over your design. (I literally count the squares on each side- to make sure the top and bottom are the same, and the left and right are the same)

Step 7- Using a sharp pencil, trace around the glass onto your aida cloth. 

Step 8- Take the glass off, and cut around your pencil lines using fabric scissors (or sharp, clean, kitchen scissors work, too)

Step 9- Clean the glass with glass cleaner (windex + paper towel), making sure to get the glass absolutely dry. Handle by the edges only from now on to avoid making finger prints on glass. 

Step 10- Time for assembly! Place the glass carefully into the frame. 

Step 11- Place the white side of the "stock photo" paper against the reverse side of your cross stitch, and place into the frame. 

(Why this step? Having a piece of white paper behind your fabric minimizes the "holey" look you get if you don't have a white backing paper)

Step 12- Add the cardboard piece that comes with the frame. 

Step 13- Close the frame, snap into place, or put the little metal tabs back into voila, you're done!


NOTE: Traditionally, needlework is not framed behind glass, so you may choose to leave it out. If your piece seems "loose", cut another 1-2 pieces of cardboard to fit behind it and make it snug. 


The nice thing about framing your work at home, is that you can switch out the cross stitch pieces seasonally. I use the same 5-10 frames all year round, and change them out for spring, or fall/halloween, xmas holidays, etc.  


Happy Stitching!