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Flat Finish for the Seasonal Bell Jars

This tutorial will show you how to finish your Seasonal Bell Jar Designs. 

Click here to purchase the Seasonal Bell Jars PDF Pattern (All 4 designs are in 1 chart).

Step 1
Finish all stitching and back stitching.

Step 2
Trim your stitching to about 1 1/2” around the design, leaving enough fabric to wrap around the mat board.

Step 3
Cut 4 rectangles out of 1/8” thick mat board that are each 4 1/4” x 7 1/2”. Trace a rounded edge along one of the smaller sides of each rectangle using a protractor. Cut along the curved line to create the round top edge. (See Fig. 1 below)

Step 4
Cut out 4 pieces of quilt batting the same size as the mat board rectangles. Glue the batting to each of the rectangles (See Fig. 2 below).

Step 5
Center your design right-side-up on the quilt batting. Flip everything over and use a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the mat board on the reverse (See Fig. 3 below).

Figure 4 below shows the designs attached to the mat board.

Step 6
Cut 4 shapes out of craft felt, about 1/4 smaller than the mat board. These will be your backing pieces. (See Fig. 5 below)

Step 7
Lay the 4 seasons out face-down very close to each other in this order: Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring. Hot glue two strips of ribbon along all 4 pieces. (See Fig. 6 below)

Step 8
Glue the 4 felt backing pieces to each of the 4 backs. (See Fig. 7 below)

All done! These will stand up on a shelf or mantle when you stand them like a zig-zag.