How to Block Mount your finished Cross Stitch

A reader recently asked me how I mounted these modern chair cross stitch pieces. Here’s how to get the same look:


Material List:

~ Finished Cross Stitch Designs (purchase the 4 modern chairs here)

~ 6" x 6" Pre-made artist canvases (x 4) 

~ Staple Gun



Make sure to cut your aida cloth at least 3-4″ larger than the design on each side (cut a piece about 10″ x 10″ for each chair).



Centre the design on the front of the canvas, turn everything over to the wrong side, and use a staple gun to attach all the sides of the aida cloth to the wooden stretchers, as you would stretch a canvas:


1. Put one staple in the middle of the top side, then another on the bottom side, pulling a little to make sure the cloth is tight, but not pulling your design out of shape.

2. Put another staple in the middle of the left side, then the right side, again making sure the cloth is snug but not pulling.

2. Then put staples on each side of the first staples, working towards the corners, tugging slightly as you go to make sure fabric stays nice and snug.

3. Lastly, fold the aida cloth corners so they lie flat, and put a few staples in to hold them.

4. You’re done! Just use a nail to hang them on the wall.